How to Be a Successful Direct Seller | ASEA

It is the instant success stories we tend to hear and remember, not the stories of slowly building up a successful business. But in actuality, building a business takes a lot of work. Keep reading to find some tips for success.

Direct Selling Is a Business

Typically, for every ten people you talk to, one person will give you a yes, whether they say yes to your product, or yes to joining your team. Ultimately, know your product, know who will buy it, and know where to find customers. Before you invest in a direct sales business, know the company’s policies, compensation plan, and marketing strategies. If you don’t like them, don’t join.

Love What You Sell—and Use It

Don’t like what you sell? Neither will the person you’re trying to sell it to. Find a product you love, a product that makes a difference in your life, and then start telling people about it. Know your product inside out and how it will make a person’s life better, whether they want the product or want to join your team. And remember, some clients become team members.

Determine Who Needs Your Product

If you sell makeup, you probably won’t have much luck selling it at a ballgame. That’s why it is imperative to know what type of person will be interested in your merchandise. If you sell body-building supplements, your clients might be at the gym. Purses? Contact the women who live around you.

Stand Out

Lately it seems people selling with something to sell are inundating social media. So, if you’re selling what hundreds of other people are selling, how can you stand out? Why will your neighbor buy from you instead of the person across the street selling the same product? You can try offering better service or adding a bonus gift or discount with a purchase. Or start a frequent buyer plan, where a portion of what you earn is turned around to give a discount on a product if your buyer comes back for more.


There are dozens of social media platforms you can use to sell things—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube . . . the list goes on and on. Tell people about your product and how it has changed your life. Share your success and explain how your company’s compensation plan works. You might discover someone is interested in joining your team.

Get Personal

Make appointments and talk to people face to face. Show your prospective clients that you care about them, even if they decide not to buy from you. Share your reasons for choosing your product and how it has affected your life. Direct sellers who give frequent presentations typically see the most success.

Follow Up

If someone says no once, that doesn’t mean no forever. This is especially true if you are trying to recruit someone to work with you. Timing is important. If a person is overwhelmed when you approach them, be sympathetic and try again later. Sometimes it takes two or three no’s before someone will give a yes.


Direct sales is not easy. No one is going to fire you for slacking off, so you have to make yourself work. When you start your business, if you don’t see overnight success, don’t worry—almost no one is that lucky. But if you keep working every day, and sharing why you love your product, you will start to see success. So never give up. And, if you are looking for a great company to work with, Contact an ASEA Associate about the ASEA opportunity today. ASEA reviews all its products to ensure the highest quality possible.