Ignite a Fire Under Your ASEA Business in March

Set a Goal, Support a Goal

ASEA entrepreneurs aren’t just business leaders. You are mentors. As you spend time improving your networking skills, developing strategy plans, and meeting daily business-building goals, you can show others how to do the same. One way you could do this is by connecting them with someone you know on a 3-way call who can inspire them, guide them to the best product fit, or provide a helpful goal-setting strategy. Another way might be to schedule a time to share your own goals with your team.

As an ASEA business builder, you connect with people who benefit from our products. This puts you in a natural position to support your prospects who are looking for similar benefits. When you know what specifically about ASEA interests your prospects, you will better be able to help them find the benefits and achieve the personal goals they’re looking for. Once you’ve helped put them on a path toward what they want, you just need to check in consistently to see how they’re doing and how you can aid them with their goal. 

Design an ASEA Action Plan 

Develop a focused and deliberate growth strategy for where you want your ASEA business to be next month. Write down your vision for where you want your business to be, and then map out exact steps on how you plan to achieve that vision. We aren’t going to let the pandemic slow us down. We have to modify by taking the things in our control, and empower ourselves to embrace those things. 

What’s going well? What’s not going well? Where do we need to focus? Where do we focus our time, energy, and resources to drive towards our ultimate vision? 

Invite Two Prospects a Day to Look at the ASEA Business Opportunity 

Set aside time each day to invite two people to look at ASEA. Personal development isn’t exclusively for those actively involved in an ASEA business. Making new connections could be as simple as sending a text or social media message to see how things are going with them or to set up a time to get together via Zoom call. Taking five minutes to think about and reach out to just one of your prospects might lead to inspired ideas that can connect them to the ASEA business and make a difference in their lives. 

As ASEA President Jarom Webb has said, “We at ASEA have developed a more focused, comprehensive, and exciting strategy of how we are going to take ASEA to the world and move this business forward. It’s time to put yourself in the position to leverage the latest ASEA announcements, initiatives, and momentum and springboard your business into acceleration and growth.”

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It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. As in any business, income always depends on the associate’s personal efforts, time, labor, and investments.