What Truly Matters: Charles Funke, CEO

During the holidays, we take time to reflect on the year as it comes to a close. Generally, many images and advertisements we see this time of year depict happy families, beautiful people celebrating together, gourmet meals, and perfectly presented homes. We sense the opportunity of new beginnings and turn our focus to the future with an invigorated determination that with the upcoming year, we will successfully undergo great transformations!  

This year, however, has been different and difficult in ways that none of us has experienced before, and it’s made depictions of those joyful scenes seem more unreachable than in the past. With its difficulties, though, also come the opportunities to more intentionally look to gratitude and give thanks for the many gifts that are ours.

The Opportunity to Overcome

Possibly, the most significant thing that may result from 2020 is how it has given us the opportunity to change. What gifts has this year given us? Although we’ve had to socially distance from each other, perhaps we’ve learned, in so many ways, to connect more deeply and more meaningfully than ever before.

Have you noticed that, when people are asked how they’re doing, the response they often give is almost reflexive? They answer that they’re doing fine or that they feel great. 

But what if going forward, we were to ask others with more sincerity and greater intent. Truly ask, “How are you doing?” And when asked, perhaps each of us might more sincerely share of ourselves with those who demonstrate concern for us in their query. My hope for this holiday season is that we take the time, not just to inquire about each other out of habit or even politeness, but that we each do a little more to look out for each other with real and genuine concern.

Forward as a Family

Whatever you may be celebrating this holiday season, remember that we at ASEA have something that binds us together. We are all united as an ASEA family, and our personal and professional relationships are meaningful and significant. We all have the potential, in small ways and in large, to lift each other up and strengthen the ASEA family. 

There’s a reason that the windshield of a car is so much larger than the rearview mirror. This is because where one is headed is so much more important than where they have been. We at ASEA have a bright future. Working together, we can look firmly to that future with optimism.  

As a global company, the holidays give us each a chance to reflect worldwide on what truly matters and more importantly, who truly matters. 

As we close out this year, I would like to thank each of you for moving the company forward during the most trying of times. I wish every happiness to you and yours. May we look out for one another and together look ahead to a bright and prosperous 2021.