Inside the ASEA® Compensation Plan, Pt 2: Building Your Team

If you tuned in to Webvention, you heard Presidential Triple Diamond Executive Trish Schwenkler teach how to build a team and create a legacy income. Her advice on building for success? Go deep and go wide. Here’s what she means: 

Going Deep

Going deep, or building deep, is how you’ll make your Team Commissions. The sales volume your team as a whole generates is the basis for what you will earn in commissions. 

You build that team beginning with the first two people you sponsor. These two people are the foundations of your “left leg” and your “right leg,” or your binary tree. Adding more people to each leg, generation after generation, is what it means to build your team deep.

A binary tree example shown in a presentation slide

“By going deep, you will create security,” Trish says. “Work with the people you sponsor to help them share ASEA with the people they know. When they sponsor someone, work with their people, and their people, and their people.”

Trish teaches the importance of treating everyone in your organization as though you personally sponsored them! This will add stability to your team as your organization grows deep. 

Going Wide

Your personal sponsorship tree (building wide) is how you’ll tap into the most exciting parts of the ASEA Compensation Plan. It’s the way ASEA pays you bonuses, Check Match, and pools.

Don’t worry; going wide is simpler than it sounds. Your personal sponsorship tree is made up of the same people you’re already putting in your binary tree; it’s just a different way of viewing your existing organization, and it doesn’t include everyone. 

Your personal sponsorship tree is limited to those you personally sponsor and then place underneath someone on one of your legs. This tree doesn’t care which leg someone is on. If you personally sponsored them, they count.

A personal sponsorship tree example shown in a presentation slide

Your sponsorship tree grows wide because every new person who is directly connected to you appears on the first level of this tree. Everyone that your personally sponsored associates sponsor will be on the second level of your sponsorship tree, and so on (and they’ll all matter as you build your income). There’s no limit to the number of sponsorship tree legs you can build! 

“Going wide is the basis for your income potential and rank advancement,” Trish explains. This is why you’ll hear every leader tell you to keep sponsoring!

Finding Builders

So, how do you go about finding all these people to place on your left leg and on your right? Who will you personally sponsor? Trish has advice for that as well.

“Work with your people, but also work through your people,” she advises. “Not everyone will be a builder, but anyone can turn out to be a connector. If each person you talk to can introduce you to just one person, you’ll always have a warm market. Get good at asking, ‘Who do you know?’ Work with everyone, no matter what level they are in your organization, to get into their warm market until you eventually find builders.”

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