Introducing ASEA Connect 2.0: The New and Improved Way to Track Your Business

When we announced the ASEA Connect app a year ago at ASEA 2019 Global Convention, we committed to support our associates however possible in the mobile age. From the beginning, we’ve had plans to expand what ASEA Connect can help you do. So, once we got ASEA Connect into the hands of our associates, the work was just beginning.

Over the past year, there hasn’t been a day where our team wasn’t looking at ways to improve the app. We continued to regularly workshop with leadership, investigate new technologies, and collaborate with key consultants. This all led to some exciting ideas, as well as big decisions—the biggest of which involved our longtime technology partner Jixiti, the creators of ASEA Business Coach (ABC), known perhaps more commonly by its software personality, Jeanie. The ABC platform had been a key business tool to many ASEA leaders for years and was integral to launching ASEA Connect. 

But with the way ASEA Connect was evolving and the established focus of ABC’s toolset, we came to realize it no longer made sense to keep the two combined. It was not an easy choice—it meant a lot of work and careful planning—but we understood that each technology now had a way forward that would provide ASEA associates with better tools specialized for specific business needs and leadership styles.

The Mobile App for All Associates

With those decisions and that work now built into our foundation, we began sharing the newly redesigned ASEA Connect 2.0 mobile app with associates in North America and Australia just last month. It has been refined to empower even greater sharing and provide insights into a personal connection with contacts, all to support our growing associate base. And now we are excited to roll out this powerful app to associates worldwide!

ASEA Connect 2.0 is free and essential for those who require powerful prospecting tools, sharing capabilities, and who want to stay connected to ASEA. It is also the tool ASEA will use to support future initiatives. ASEA Connect 2.0 contains all of ASEA’s most current marketing and training content, and it also offers a new way for ASEA to keep our sales field and customers informed of upcoming events, new promotions, and more.

ASEA Connect 2.0 Mobile App Features

  • Find your favorite ASEA videos, images, and your most important documents even faster in the centralized content library.
  • Import your contacts directly from your mobile phone and categorize them as either customers or business partners according to your needs.
  • Share what you love about ASEA via social media, email, or text message (SMS).
  • Save your most used videos and most important documents as favorites and always have them on hand when you need them.
  • Stay informed of the latest news, promotions, and events with regular notifications and news from ASEA directly in the app.
  • In-App Training content to walk you through every feature ASEA Connect 2.0 has to offer.
  • See More on and the ASEA Connect Facebook page.

App Training Schedule

Join us on our twice-a-week training webinars where we cover the major features you will be using every day with ASEA Connect 2.0. With training topics such as, adding contacts, sending text messages, or posting recognition to social media, there is no shortage of training content for ASEA Connect 2.0. By attending one of our weekly webinars, it will leave you feeling confident in using these powerful features. Each training webinar is followed with a live Q&A session where you can learn tips and tricks from fellow associates who use the app every day. Visit to view some of our recent sessions.

Zoom Link: 

  • Tuesdays 18:00 CEST
  • Fridays 1:00 CEST

A Trusted Option for Leaders with a System

At the same time that we began rolling out ASEA Connect 2.0, Jixiti was also able to provide a new mobile option focused on the strengths of ABC. It’s called Jeanie GO! and it offers a configurable coaching tool by subscription for leaders of large or growing business organizations. Upline leaders with a system in place involving its own set of materials and messages can get the most out of them in Jeanie GO!, which currently offers both a free and a pro subscription level. Associates who were using the original ASEA Connect paid service can continue to use those services through Jeanie GO! New subscriptions will be available and managed directly on the Jeanie GO! mobile app.

The decision to build ASEA Connect 2.0 as a new official app is a key part of our strategic focus on supporting and growing a global business. The new app satisfies the critical business needs of promoting the ASEA brand, maintaining the strategic and regulatory integrity of our messaging, and offering a universally accessible tool for all associates.

The work you and others have put into ASEA Connect 1.0 is still available. Information, resources, or training that you may have created in ASEA Connect 1.0 can be accessed along with downline alerts, notifications, and other data in the Jeanie GO! app, provided by a third-party vendor. Log in with your ASEA associate credentials, and you will have the same toolset you had with ASEA Connect 1.0.

With just a moment’s download, you can have the training, tools, and technology you need to engage with prospects and close sales successfully. This includes a centralized mobile library with built-in sharing to support your prospects with the right content at the right time. Download ASEA Connect 2.0 from the app store on your mobile device today.