Jennifer Loewen, Diamond Executive

Jennifer Loewen took the stage during ASEA 2020 Webvention for a live breakout session with a single message about building your ASEA business: It’s not about you. Then she taught how this principle can inspire a team. 

She began with a story about a teacher who filled the school hallway with balloons that had her students’ names written on them and told everyone to find their own balloon. She gave them five minutes. No one found theirs.

Then she had them try it again, but this time, they were to pick any balloon and give it to the student whose name was on it. In less than two minutes, everyone was holding their own balloon.

The teacher explained that the balloons are like happiness—we can’t find it when we’re searching for our own.

Jennifer then related the balloon story to building an ASEA business.

“In network marketing, you will only become successful once you’ve helped enough other people on your team become successful first,” she said. “If you’re frantically running through the hallway searching for your own ‘success balloon,’ it will keep eluding you.”  

Inviting her audience to change their approach, Jennifer told stories of how helping others has brought success in her own organization. “Take some of the focus from your own success, and hand the people on your team the balloon with their name on it.”

Jennifer then shared inspiring stories of how she’s seen this take shape, and she described in real-life detail how to truly mentor. Each story showed how her business grew when she put all of her focus on others. 

“Your own success will be a natural by-product and consequence of handing enough people on your team a balloon,” she shared.

“Just flow with it; don’t overthink things,” she concluded. “All your team needs is to feel that you’re invested in their success.”

You can access Jennifer’s full presentation through 31 October 2020, as long as you’re registered for ASEA 2020 Webvention.


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