Little-known Facts about the ASEA Production Facility


If you’ve been inside, you know it’s a pristine, one-of-a-kind, operation that functions like From the spotless lab, to the giant tanks, ASEA’s production facility is quite impressive. But how much do you know about the inner workings of this smooth-operating facility?
Here seven facts about where our products are made that showcase just how unique our setup is, and some of them might surprise you!

Seven NBA Courts Big
The entire facility is about 34,500 total square feet (approx.. 3,200 m2), which is about the size of seven NBA basketball courts. Not only do we formulate, quality control, and bottle the products on site, we also ware house and ship it!

Million-Dollar Work Day
In a typical 10-hour shift, our production facility and talented staff can produce an impressive capacity of $USD1.2 million in products.

Controlling Quality
The production facility opened in Pleasant Grove, Utah in June 2013. It’s just a short drive away from ASEA’s corporate headquarters. Operating our own production facility means we have total control of product quality and company operations.

Make Way for RENU 28
We expanded the facility in May 2014 to make room for the production of RENU 28. This required adding a new line which produces 10,000 tubes of RENU 28 per week.

Inspection Time
ASEA’s production facility is an FDA registered facility meaning we agree to follow all current guidelines for the production of dietary supplements as outlined by the FDA. Our facility can be inspected by the FDA at any time.

Serious Standards
We are NSF International certified as a facility that follows current good manufacturing standards for the production of dietary supplements. NSF is the public health and safety organization looked to develop standards for consumer products. We undergo regular inspections by NSF International to make sure we continue to meet these standards

Keep It Kosher
ASEA is a Kosher certified product. This means our production facility complies with strict kosher food requirements for cleanliness, purity, and quality.

Want your own behind-the-scenes look at this state-of.the-art facility? You can get a free, in-person look during a facility tour! For details, contact Associate Support.