Los Cabos Gives ASEA’s 2018 Ascent Qualifiers Dream-Like Welcome

ASEA’s 2018 Ascent qualifiers headed to Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort in May after working hard to reach the ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum! Their stay in Los Cabos was a week full of relaxation, training, networking, and fun!

Two of ASEA's 2018 Ascent Qualifiers

During the first evening at the Los Cabos resort, Ascent qualifiers attended a welcome reception where they quenched their thirst with delicious tropical drinks and cocktails. Everyone got a little social and enjoyed the opportunity to network with other qualifiers, Diamonds, and the ASEA sales and executive team.

Tyler Norton takes the stage in front of the 2018 Ascent Qualifiers to provide unique business training.

Day two, our Ascent Qualifiers woke up bright eyed and ready to gain invaluable insights from ASEA’s executive team. Attendees participated in an exclusive leadership training by Founder Tyler Norton. The day of training ended with round table discussions with some of ASEA’s Diamond Executives. This gave Ascent qualifiers the unique opportunity to get some mentorship from some of our network marketing game changers.

The third day was all fun and games! In the morning, attendees competed in an archery competition with Tyler and CEO Charles Funke as the captains of the teams. Charles’s team took the win! In the afternoon, we headed to the putting green for some more friendly competition where Craig Brenchley and Kim Kwon walked away with $100 for their superior putting skills.

ASEA CEO Charles Funke recognizes one of ASEA's 2018 Ascent Qualifiers

Early in the morning on day four, some associates joined Charles Funke for a run on the beach. After the early birds finished their workout, our group met at the sand courts for volleyball. The evening concluded with a farewell dinner where the top qualifiers feasted with our Tyler, Charles, and President Jarom Webb. After dinner, qualifiers got their moment in the lime light during a recognition ceremony. One by one, each qualifier shook the hands of the ASEA sales and executive team and received their Ascent memorabilia coin.

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