Meet Our European Athletes #PoweredByASEA!

It is our pleasure to support incredible athletes again this year! They are ASEA enthusiasts who don’t want to miss out on the advantages of our products.
Want to know more about our current ASEA Athletes? Get to know them below.


Álvaro Ibáñez Bringas – Fencing | European U23 gold medalist

Years Competing: 9
Years Using ASEA: 2
Favorite ASEA Product: ASEA Drink
ASEA Routine: I drink ASEA before, during, and after training, and drink it when I wake up and before I go to sleep. I also use RENU 28 twice a day, morning and evening. And I take ASEA VIA Source, LifeMax, and Biome every day.

Born in Burgos, Spain, Álvaro is one of the most promising fencers in the international arena. He’s a member of the Spanish National Fencing Team since 2013, winning numerous medals in international competition.

In 2017, Álvaro became the only Spanish athlete to win all four major awards at national level, winning the Spanish U23 Championship, Spanish Single Senior Championship, Spanish Teams Senior Championship, and the 2017 Spanish League.

He currently lives in Madrid at the High Performance Athletes Center where the national teams of Spain of multiple disciplines are permanently based. He is a big fan of the world of sports.

The Person Behind the Athlete

“In my day-to-day life, I combine my sports career with a marketing degree at the UCAM university.”


Ea Victoria Nygaard Tefre – National Champion Elite Dancer

Years Competing: 9
Years Using ASEA: 1+
Favorite ASEA Product: RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel
ASEA Routine: “I drink 60 ml of ASEA two times a day — one in the morning and one before I go to bed. I apply RENU 28 before and after my dance routines on my ankles, feet, and my back, and always use it before I go to bed.”

Ea Victoria from Norway, born in 2000, dances freestyle, slow, and hip-hop/street style on the elite/premier championship level. She loves dancing for many reasons—It’s a place where she can express herself as an artist, push herself as an athlete, and work through difficult times.

Before her dancing career began, Ea Victoria spent many, many long hours in and out of hospitals. She was constantly battling asthma due to underdeveloped lungs, and had to deal with the pains of arthritis, which affected her back and legs. Doctors thought she would not be able to manage performing as a dancer at any level, let alone such a high level. Like many of us, her biggest obstacle was believing in herself.

Ea Victoria became an elite dancer when she was just 13 and immediately began winning competitions. She was the Norwegian Champion in 2016 and 2017, and made it to finals in slow dance at the World Championship in 2017. Overall, Ea Victoria has reached the finals in more than 200 competitions, nationally and internationally.

Dancing requires a lot of physical activity and agility, that’s why Ea Victoria trains at least 25 hours a week, competes in Norway once a month, and travels to international competitions five times a year. With ASEA’s one-of-a-kind products, she is able to deliver peak performance while competing, push herself physically in every training session, and minimize her recovery time.

Ea Victoria is a fighter. She is a standing (or dancing) example of what determination and hard work can produce.  We are proud to have her on our ASEA Athlete Program.

We at ASEA are proud to have these two brilliant athletes in our team and look forward to their progress and success.
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