New Podcast Series: The Corporate Soul

Since the company’s inception, Founder Tyler Norton has taught elements of the ASEA Ethos, a unique approach to doing business that puts people first. What began as ideas mentioned in his early speeches evolved into the Ethos Academy series, full-blown training sessions that attract associates from all over the world, some of whom have taken the course multiple times.

“I consider it a great privilege and honor to be able to teach these principles of life and success,” Tyler says. And now, his message will expand its reach to an even larger audience with the launch of a brand-new video podcast called The Corporate Soul.

This podcast series, announced during ASEA® 2020 Webvention, is available now to ASEA associates via the ASEA Connect 2.0 mobile app and will launch to a worldwide audience by the end of 2020. The Corporate Soul is branded completely on its own in order to appeal to a broader audience than the ASEA family exclusively.

“Our intent is to create a tool that shares principle-based content to any business owner or individual looking to nurture an ethos—anyone looking to simply live a better life,” Tyler explains. “If someone finds value in the series but has no interest in ASEA, we are fine with that. This approach will enable a genuine connection with others who may share our fundamental values.”

Each episode of The Corporate Soul will fall under one of four main areas.

  • Ethos – principles of motive management and putting people and principles first
  • Strategic Link – a unique approach to strategy and business planning
  • Influence – a focus on activity management and sales effectiveness
  • Entrepreneurism – principles that support the freedom of business-building

Tyler has already recorded the first five episodes for viewing on ASEA Connect 2.0. These episodes will become available on The Corporate Soul website when it launches later this year, and new episodes will be added regularly. You can also access and share the show through YouTube and SoundCloud.

“I want to be clear: This is not just a marketing play,” Tyler emphasizes. “This is very simply a desire to make genuine and meaningful connections to people who value what we value and who can benefit in their lives by learning from what we have to share.”

How do you connect with like-minded people? Check out The Corporate Soul, Tyler Norton’s new podcast series, and share it with a friend.

How do you better someone’s life? Engaging, heartwarming, and educational, The Corporate Soul podcast is available now on your ASEA Connect app!

Want a personal development boost? The Corporate Soul podcast will have you living your best. Check it out today on ASEA Connect.