OUTSTANDING YEAR 2018 FOR ASEA EUROPE – Network Karriere Article

https://mediafilelibrary.myasealive.com/src/media/xmfl/file/NK 11_2018 ASEA englisch_page_6.pdf Network Karriere Article - November 2018

ASEA Europe reports solid doubledigit growth in 2018 both for the development of new ASEA associates and for sales. For Jörg Höche, Regional Vice President of Western Europe, this positive development is primarily tied to ASEA Europe offering a strong European profile that follows the specific requirements of the market. The most important topics are decided in very close cooperation with the European executives.
This collaboration is particularly important to ASEA Europe. „It creates trust, and with trust comes stability.“ says Jörg Höche.

ASEA Europe started into 2018 under the motto „The Breakthrough Starts in Europe! For the biggest European event of the year, ASEA invited its associates to Copenhagen for a three-day event. ASEA founder Tyler Norton and the ASEA management, as well as many executives from all over the world, were there
to present ASEA VIA Source, the first of three nutritional supplements from the
ASEA VIA product line.

The success of the event quickly spread to the European ASEA markets, not least because European Associate Support for German, English, Danish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish was introduced in the Munich ASEA office. In addition, a new global IT system was launched.

Launch ASEA VIA Line – Europe
ASEA has already celebrated great success with the innovative ASEA drink and the RENU Advanced skincare line. Now ASEA surprises the direct sales industry with another product line – ASEA VIA. The new ASEA VIA line of nutritional supplements in Europe was launched on 22 October 2018. The three products offer ASEA associates a new, substantial opportunity to further
build their businesses, especially since these new products are attractive for all age groups. According to Focus magazine, the German market for food supplements alone is estimated to be at 1 billion EUR per year, and the numbers are constantly rising. Everyone would like to have a piece of that. All doors are open to ASEA associates to build an even more successful business.

The ASEA VIA Line at a glance
The ASEA VIA product line consists of VIA Source, a whole food and micronutrient complex; VIA Biome, a probiotic and prebiotic complex; and VIA LifeMax, the complex for an active life. All three products have been specifically formulated to work in tandem with ASEA‘s patent-based redox technology. But ASEA Europe has come up with even more for its consultants
– the European promotion „T.I.A.- This Is Africa“, which is already way more successful than expected. European associates can qualify for a journey to South Africa, from Johannesburg into the Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge situated in the 55,000-hectare Pilanesberg National Park, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of beauty, service, and adventure.

ASEA Europe Outlook 2019
„VIVA ASEA! – Duplication and Growth“ is the motto for the upcoming
ASEA 2019 European Conference & Envision on 7 – 9 February 2019 in Barcelona, featuring an exciting program and a strong sense of community. Another year is waiting for ASEA and its associates in which the company will go for even bigger success.

Jörg Höche: „Our year started with the motto „The Breakthrough starts in Europe!” and this is exactly the motto we remain true to. Together with our committed sales partners, we will make the ASEA business in Europe even more successful to inspire even more people to join.

Here you can go to the PDF file of the English Network Karriere article about ASEA Europe.