Remembering Dr. Robertson Ward

It came as somber news in January when our friend, mentor, and esteemed member of the ASEA Science Council, Dr. Robertson Ward, passed away after a battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). 

“I admired Rob from the first day I met him in 2010,” said ASEA Founder Tyler Norton. “It was an honor to join with him in common work pursuits, but also to call him a dear friend.”

Dr. Ward was a pioneering member of the Science Council, lending his expertise to the message of ASEA worldwide. His knowledge of redox was unique, and his belief in the power of redox biochemistry came from his understanding of the science.

Although Dr. Ward was an internationally known physician, author, and researcher, his uniqueness as a physician was most noticeable in the way he cared about people. Beyond whatever ailment he was helping to address, he wanted to know his patients for who they were. He was always one to ask questions, listen intently, and put the puzzle pieces together. 

In 2017, Dr. Ward published a book, Healthy Cells, Healthy Life, to help people understand how the field of redox science can help advance their lives. He cared about ASEA associates and greeted and answered questions from all who approached him at every event he attended. He had a way of explaining the complexities of redox with genuineness and in a way that everyone could understand. 

A lover of nature, travel, and building in his woodworking shop, Dr. Ward was constantly seeking to improve himself and learn new skills. Undoubtedly, his most impactful role was that of husband, father, and grandfather.

Dr. Ward remained an ASEA consultant, even after closing his private practice in 2020. While none of us expected our association with him to end so soon, we are grateful for the contribution he made and for the time we had with him. 

Dr. Ward, thank you.