Start Your Week with ASEA: Why our legacy and ethos prioritize people

An older couple hugging, representing our ASEA ethos and legacy!

Known among our entrepreneurs as the compassionate community, ASEA
prioritizes people over profit. Understanding the origin of that company-wide ethos
is more complex than a single slogan can convey. Our ethos is driven by our legacy
—which is why understanding where we’ve come from sets the compass for our

A legacy starts with when we prioritize people

ASEA Founder Verdis Norton could boast about his credentials, but that’s not his
style. In his time as sales planning manager of the billion-dollar beverage division of
General Foods, he oversaw brands like Kool-Aid and Country Time Lemonade. From
there, he was recruited by Dart and Kraft and worked up to become the head of the
Hobart Corporation. Five years later, he rejoined Kraft General foods as a vice
president of a billion-dollar unit, eventually integrating with General foods, Oscar
Myer, and Kraft Foods.

Ask anyone who knows Verdis and they’ll tell you that he isn’t the type to sit idle
when he could be doing something for others. Although Verdis retired from Kraft at
age 57 and his family thought he would finally settle down, he was asked to run a
biotech company lab in Southern California.

While working for the lab, he was in charge of several Ph.D. experts doing extensive
research. Verdis was also invited to become a board member of another biotech
company with incredible technology. When he realized the potential that this
product had for helping people, he started to seek out the opinion of every expert
he could.

“They didn’t know exactly what they had. I was calling Harvard, UCLA, University of
Washington, University of Indiana, and major labs across the United States.
Everyone I talked to raved about the product, that you could drink this product and
see a benefit from it.”

Prioritize people over profit

“The buyers said, ‘We’re convinced that you’ve got something here. We will write
you a check big enough that you won’t want to talk to anyone else,” says Verdis. With interested buyers in line to purchase the patent on what would eventually become the ASEA® drink, Verdis and his son Tyler Norton decided not to sell the patent and instead to keep it in the hands of everyday people who could share it with anyone they wanted.

Our Founder’s ethos drives who we are

At ASEA we believe that the introspection of how we see ourselves and the industry we are in is of the utmost importance. Most companies in this business operate and live inside of multi-level marketing but at ASEA we strive to operate from a next-level marketing perspective, something Founder Tyler Norton takes the lead on in each of our biannual conferences.

We understand that the old-world approach to network marketing doesn’t serve people in the way that we want to serve them. Old-world marketing is obsessed with convincing someone to buy something rather than being convicted about a product and an opportunity that can change actual lives. Old-world marketing is obsessed with transactions instead of human transformations.

The community family of ASEA believes in prioritizing compassion overcompensation, doing something for others, and offering hope instead of false hope. We build and prioritize people first before we build paychecks and the difference is astounding. Instead of closing sales, we want to open minds. We are in
the business of moving people rather than just moving products.

We power potential

Not only does ASEA focus on biotech products that are Powered by Redox™, but we power the potential of people. Inside us exists the potential to feel our very best. Our products are powerful, but so is the ASEA opportunity, which supports and empowers the human potential for success and happiness.

See how we power the potential of your cells, your body, and your life.