Start Your Week with ASEA: The scientifically proven power of potential

start your week: the sicentifically proven power of potential

Feeling valued and appreciated are basic human needs, and that is why there is
scientifically proven data on the power of potential. A business built on strong
principles of a community like ASEA can transform lives with its leadership and
opportunity. Appreciation is foundational in relationships and motivates people to
cooperate and collaborate with others. Read about why we power potential at ASEA
and how our business entrepreneurs thrive because of our support model.

Recognizing power in potential is healthy for everyone

Studies show that when someone recognizes another’s potential and tells them about it, the brain lights up in the same way it would when receiving a monetary reward. Recognition, compliments, and praise help the brain learn new skills and behaviors. To us, that sounds a whole lot like powering potential.

Empowering others is good for the giver, too. Powering someone else’s potential— through genuine praise or any other way—helps both people create a more optimistic, happier outlook in life. When people receive empowered motivation from their colleagues, they’re more likely to have a happier, more peaceful home life. To top it off, business leaders who are regularly complimented, recognized, and
empowered by their peers are on average 12 percent more productive than others.

Leaders who empower others are more respected

Studies show that when someone is recognized, complemented, and given advice from their mentor; they indicate higher levels of trust in them. The vast majority of those who switch careers or leave their current opportunity do so because they feel a lack of respect or recognition from the people that matter most. Positive feedback is communication that recognizes another person’s strengths, skills, achievements,
successes, and potential.

Researcher Daniel Goleman has found that heightened prefrontal activity in the brain is associated with positive emotions and enhances mental abilities like creative thinking, cognitive flexibility, and processing information. The way a company or a leader uses positivity when communicating can significantly impact someone’s emotional well-being and the quality of their performance. In short, if you want a successful team or business, your best bet is to empower others’ potential as much as possible.

We power potential

At ASEA, we empower people to activate their potential and to choose a life of significance. We give people a choice to transform their lives, and we provide them with the support and resources to achieve their goals. Sometimes people haven’t been recognized in their lives, nor have they been told that they can even fulfill their dreams. As leaders, we have an obligation to show people that they are an untapped resource of potential. Often, when we give people permission to become more and live a life of success and significance—they follow suit. See how the ASEA opportunity is changing lives.