Start your week with ASEA: Deck the halls with holiday buzz for business

The holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of consumer buzz and help people stay aware of the incredible products ASEA provides. We power potential and our products work well for families and their loved ones. Your business will be the perfect place to serve the gift needs of others.

A new study by NDP Group finds that 29 percent of US consumers plan to spend more on holiday shopping in 2021 than they did last year, with holiday spending estimated to rise three percent during the traditional November and December holiday shopping season and five percent when the season is expanded to include October and early January.

Gifts for every prospect

Health and wellness are a bigger concern for families than ever before. Whether someone is athletic and fit, worried about maintaining their well-being or starting to think about prioritizing self-care, all age groups and demographics can benefit from powerful ASEA products.

Utilize the holiday promotions

Using the ASEA holiday sale is a great way for you and your team to get extra products for prospective clients, family, and friends. ASEA is running a Get 1 Free sale from 15 November to 17 December.

Buy three cases of ASEA® and get one free. Or buy two cases of RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel and get one free. Or, with RENUAdvanced® Skin Care, you can buy two systems and get one free. And there is no overall limit to how much you can buy and receive! Check out the details here.

Optimize the ASEA perks

While other businesses may be experiencing supply chain issues and product outages, ASEA has minimal reliance on outside vendors, which means your prospects can rely on getting their products in a timely manner. It’s peak shipping season and everyone wants their gifts on time for the holidays, so make sure to order now for the best chance to get your products in time!

Start retargeting old customers

Although some prospects may not have responded to your business in the past, the holidays are a great time to offer them ASEA products that will help them reach their potential, whether they’re interested in improving their well-being or looking for a new opportunity.

Make the most of social media

You’re probably already using social media to promote your business. The holidays offer more fun and creative ways to stay active with your followers and keep them informed of the latest deals and offers. Create product unboxing videos, share your experiences and make sure to spread the word with friends.

Enjoy the best sale of the year during the most wonderful time of the year!