Start Your Week with ASEA: Investing in Truth with Redox Science

Athe spring North American Envision event, ASEA President Jarom Webb spoke about the changing landscape of network marketing and the world economy. This article is based on excerpts from his presentation, which outlines how ASEA is investing in greater science technology and a team of experts to carry our products into the next phase of development.

Opportunity in a Changing World

Redox science is gaining traction and broader relevance in the marketplace like never before. We are proud to be the recognized global leader in redox-based technologies and achieve worldwide distribution of ASEA’s ground-breaking products, financial opportunity, and culture. We must, as a company, meet today’s evolving trends head-on. We’ve got to embrace the transformation that’s happening and evolve ASEA to capitalize on these opportunities. 

Think about strategy for a minute: Strategy is how we leverage resources, whether it’s people, systems, or money. We will leverage the resources that we all have to achieve our goal of becoming a half-a-billion-dollar company as an organization and continuing to spread ASEA throughout the world.

Our Science Strategy

ASEA is at the forefront of the redox sciences world and is always keeping track of the trends related to redox. Our products own and dominate a whole new category in redox. Last year, we announced the development of a new science lab, the Verdis L. Norton Center for Redox Life Sciences. This incubation lab will be used to incubate new redox technologies to progress the use of redox science forward. We are committed to discovering redox truths in connection to our research efforts.

We have hired and spent resources on a new research and development function for the company that is being led by Dr. Nico Raczek, our chief science officer. He has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and is organizing a team of scientists and PhDs around him to further study redox. Another member of the team, Dr. Kurt Stickley, holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry.

Leading the Redox Space

We are surrounding ourselves with experts that help us progress the technology and invest in published research around ASEA’s redox-based products. WE are also committed to investing in the development of new redox technologies to bring to market, so we continue to lead the redox space. That is our vision. We’re investing resources and have a strategy to achieve that vision. And I will tell you, that what we are working on and what you will see in the next 18 to 24 months in this category will be very, very exciting and will change the game of where this company can