Start Your Week with ASEA: What our new brand means for prospects

ASEA new brand

In today’s world, people don’t join companies. They join movements. As you continue on your journey to become your best self, you’ll likely be asked if you love what you do and if you feel different when using the ASEA products. This is an incredible opportunity to turn your passion into purpose, as we hope your answer to both questions is a resounding, “Yes!” With our recent branding efforts to better focus, define, and share the things that make our company a movement, there are things you can do to pique interest in your prospects and give them an exciting glimpse into what ASEA life is all about.

Tell them all about our purpose

A person’s most effective tool for growth and development is the people around them. If your prospects want to think bigger, dream larger, and live a life of passion, then they’ll need to surround themselves with people who are doing just that in your team. Connecting with a community with shared purpose and interests will help them expand their vision and broaden their perspective. ASEA is an exceptional opportunity for people who strive for a better world.  

When you invite a prospect to take part in this journey, express our vision of humanity and inspire theirs. Highlight hope by leading the discussion with a vision of a better, fuller life for everyone. Share with them the rewards of living the ASEA lifestyle—and we’re not talking about income claims. Talk about how our company mission anchors itself in a compassionate ethos. Engage with empathy and show that you understand their needs, their pain points, and any possible challenges they’re facing.

Ask them to imagine a business that operates on a radical premise: putting people before profits. At ASEA, we dare to approach network marketing in an entirely new way. We are committed to helping our business leaders take control of their lives, their well-being, and be the best they can possibly be. If someone is looking for the best business opportunity, ASEA is a great way to make a difference in their community and earn income.

Help them see their potential

Everyone has potential. It’s our belief that the purest, most potent fuel of all is human potential. Paint a picture of possibility and invite them to be a part of it. Illustrate how life can be with ASEA by sharing testimonials from athletes and other users who have found our life-changing products and enjoyed the impact on their lives. Ignite their power within by promoting their confidence and reminding them just what you are inspired by in them and precisely what you believe they are capable of. Let them know that at ASEA, we empower leaders with the tools to empower themselves.

Remind potential team members that our opportunity is designed to be easily customizable for how they want to share ASEA. We care most about building relationships, so tell them they’re free to make the business their own by using it in their one-on-one conversations.

When you activate a person’s potential, there are no limits to what they can achieve. Help them see just how far their potential can take them. When we help people unlock their potential and choose to live a life of significance, we know that things really can be different. Better. Each person has the power to change how someone else may look at things, how they see themselves, and how they see the world. Sometimes, all it takes is another person to recognize that in them and tell them what incredible talents they see. 

This is what the magic of the ASEA business opportunity is all about. You’re giving another person a chance to escape from the average and become the best version of themselves.

Be passionate about our products

Give them a chance to experience transformational leadership for themselves by inviting them to an event. As a global company that is here to share life-changing opportunities, our products act as a powerful catalyst to support a healthy lifestyle. Based on scientific data, this innovative technology offers groundbreaking benefits unmatched in the marketplace. It’s easier than ever for people to feel better—inside and out—and optimize their personal potential.

Show them how they can gain a competitive edge by building their own business with innovative products. Help them choose the path that aligns with their passions and supports their lifestyle. Our supportive community is always ready to help business leaders leverage our network of renowned practitioners and products to help others tap into their true potential.

So, what are you waiting for? As you continue to create your best self by engaging in work that betters people’s lives, be sure to use the strategies above to tell new prospects about our worldwide community. You never know who you’ll share it with—and who might benefit from the ASEA opportunity.