Stronger Together: Get An Extra Discount For You & Your Team Today

ASEA® Stronger Together is more than a way to save money and get free ASEA products—it’s a celebration of important principles we live by and thrive on as ASEA friends and family. Our mission is to better people’s lives and to be a force for good in the world. This year, our goal is to work together with associates and executives across the world to help them better their lives and those around them.

During ASEA Stronger Together, that means reaching back to paused connections and holding the door open. This is a time to reconnect with team members who have paused their ASEA progress and product experience. Help them tap into the strength of our community with special savings and increased rewards. Stay connected to your team and stay strong together. 

We understand that keeping momentum going in business starts with giving customers and associates the tools they need to build relationships that last. We’re giving you the tools, savings, and rewards you need to rekindle and retain former team ties and keep up your momentum!

We’ve even prepared a new report template to show you who is eligible for a 15% discount on autoship orders of 150 PV or more in your team, so you can share the opportunity with them! From now through October, getting stronger together means saving together. Get 25% Loyalty Rewards points on all autoship orders and share a 15% discount for returning associates and customers.

See the ASEA Stronger Together flyer for details.

Start sharing the ASEA opportunity with new friends today and reconnect with old contacts, giving them products that can make a difference and an opportunity that makes an impact on their lives. 


This is not a guarantee of a particular income. Individual results will vary. Please refer to the US 2019 Income Disclosure Statement for additional details.