Targeting Your Message for Results

Dr. Michele Lay
Gold Executive

Florida chiropractor Dr. Michele Lay is building her ASEA business with people who take action. How does she find them? By creating a targeted message. “Building an ASEA business isn’t always easy, but it can be simple,” she says. “Focus on finding people who are ready to take action. Target your approach to appeal to people who want to duplicate the message.”

How? Here are Michele’s tips.

Chicken or Pig?

If you want to find builders, think of your prospects like a big plate of ham and eggs. The chicken was involved, but the pig was committed! In this business, we’re looking for commitment. The challenge is, only about one percent of people you talk to will turn out to be pigs. They’re the ones who want real change. The rest want to be chickens! 

But the good news is, that one percent who have already decided, who are willing to do the work, is all you’ll ever need. And the more you speak to that one percent, the more that one percent is going to come into your life and into your business. (And you might just inspire some of the other 99% along the way.)

Investigative Solving

Right now, there is more fear in the world than ever before, and people are looking for solutions. For us, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! People say yes when the sum of your offer is greater than the sum of their fears. If you can help them overcome their fears, they’ll say yes to you and what you’re offering. You want your prospects to think, “How did you get inside my head? How did you know what I was going through?”

Do that by asking questions, listening to what they say, and staying on that topic. Put yourself in their position. What does it feel like? Align your message with a solution for the fears they have. People need to know that you’re the best solution, that you’re committed to them, and that you can lead them to results they’re seeking. 

Value, Not Cost

People really do want what we have, and they are willing to make the investment to have it. Never under-represent the benefits ASEA offers! If you feel weird about asking people to spend money, you’re going to position your product as a cost and not as a value. 

Show the value of what you have. Lead with benefit. If someone says, “How much does it cost?” you answer, “We have lots of options. Let me give you some information and see if it’s a fit for you.” Show them how it will help them based on what they’ve told you so they can see the value. Then, cost will no longer be the primary issue. 

Speak to the One Percent

People are looking for results, not tactics. They get a million tactics every time they look at their Facebook or LinkedIn feed. So set yourself apart, and remember that the one-percenters have already made a decision; they just need the vehicle. 

Most associates are tempted to speak to the 99% because it’s easier and there are more of them. But the more you speak to the one percent, the more builders will come into your life and your business. Be obsessive about centering your approach on what your contacts are trying to solve. And speak as though you are speaking to a perfect prospect, and that’s what you will receive. 

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