The New World of Next Level Marketing: Conviction Over Convincing

We are in a transitional period between the pre-pandemic past and the post-pandemic future. This “liminal space,” as ASEA Founder Tyler Norton has referred to it, is a time for introspection; not only to process recent trauma but to reevaluate how we will operate amidst paradigms and expectations that have shifted forever. If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at some of the important personal shifts Tyler identified at the ASEA North America Envision event earlier this year:

New World Thinking 

Shifting from an old-world paradigm requires business leaders to contemplate and stay introspective about how they will shape the new moral imagination. To take business to the next level, Tyler encourages leaders to focus on building a new world. The old world of MLM was obsessed and hyper-focused on convincing people to do business with them, rather than having conviction in what they were offering. Conviction is the way of next-level marketing and the thing that sets ASEA apart.

“I don’t believe you’re ever on trial if you are speaking something you truly believe,” says Tyler. “That conviction will enable you to care less, but not be careless. What I mean by that is when you’re trying to convince someone of something, you’re spending far too much time caring about their interpretation of what it is you’re trying to convince them of. But when you come at your business convicted in next-level marketing, it allows you to care less about anyone else’s response. The indifference of the outcome, coupled with meaningful, deep, abiding conviction, will signal every form of curiosity you could hope for in the people around you.”

Conviction Is Key

If you don’t believe in the argument you’re advancing, the conversation will go nowhere. The other person will sense and feel that something is not there. No chain of reasoning, no matter how logical, elegant, or brilliant will win your case for you. The first pivot point in this paradigm shift from old-world multi-level marketing means we can no longer worry about trying to be convincing enough. We must work on being convicted.

We’re spending way too much time worrying so much about whether or not we’ve convinced someone of our case. The first transition and paradigm shift for next-level marketing is moving on from obsessed with being convincing. Instead, we must be obsessed, committed to, and focused on being convicted. This will be the energy that brings people together genuinely and which will motivate them to believe, belong, and become.