The Power of Seeing People as People

“I don’t think there’s anything more relevant or salient right now in the world we’re living in than the simple truth of how we see each other,” ASEA Founder Tyler Norton says on episode three of his new Corporate Soul podcast.

The video podcast series details principles that Tyler has been teaching for years. Now, as people are experiencing more disruptions in their lives caused by the pandemic as well as increased societal tensions, his message offers insight that is both timely and timeless on how to create unity and be a force for good.

“Every moment, we have these points of choice where we can say, ‘Am I going to see and treat this person as an object, or am I going to see them as a person?’” he expounds, explaining that the way we actually feel about others—not what we do or what we say—has the greatest impact.

Watch Corporate Soul, ep. 3: The Power of Seeing People as People.
Listen to Corporate Soul, ep. 3: The Power of Seeing People as People.

He illustrates that principle with a story first told by Arbinger Institute Founder C. Terry Warner, who watched his little daughters pull their baby sister out of her crib, all of them crashing to the floor. All of the girls, including the baby, laughed.

“This little baby, who had been pushed and pulled and thrown from her crib, was responding to the love her sisters had for her, not the fact that they had flipped her onto the floor,” Tyler explains. “There is a level deeper than behavior—a way of being that is responsive, that sees someone as a person, acknowledges them as a real person. Real concerns. Real hopes. Real joys.”

Tyler says that dehumanizing people and seeing them only for what they can do for others or for a particular organization has a negative effect on enduring success.

“It might be one of the great lost truths of all human interaction, and certainly of business interactions,” he says. “When people begin to believe, feel, and know that you’re approaching them, treating them as human beings, you’ll be amazed at how much more they’ll want to give to you and the organization to drive to a common outcome.”

You can get this entire Corporate Soul episode with even more insight on the Power of Seeing People as People on YouTube or listen anytime on your ASEA Connect app.