ASEA Founder

Closing out the ASEA 2020 Webvention in true ASEA Ethos style, Founder Tyler Norton stated that now more than ever, we need compassion in our lives—that we need to be kinder to one another. 

“The true kindness I speak of is strong, warm and a genuine way of being,” he said. “It springs from seeing people as people and treating others with the dignity, humanity, and respect they all deserve.”

His commitment to furthering the ASEA Ethos as a way to better people’s lives and be a force for good in the world is as strong as ever. That commitment, presented initially in last year’s closing convention speech as part of what has now become known as the “ASEA Will” statements, has given rise to a new video podcast series Tyler is launching, titled Corporate Soul, available now on your ASEA Connect app. 

Because this content appeals to anyone in any industry, it’s not ASEA branded. 

“Our intent is to create a tool that shares principle-based and useful content to any business owner or individual looking to nurture an ethos or their own corporate soul…or to anyone looking to simply live a better life,” Tyler said. 

Corporate Soul can, of course, be shared with anyone being introduced to ASEA as well. Tyler explained, “This is very simply a desire to make genuine and meaningful connections to people that value what we value.” 

Tyler reiterated the rest of the “ASEA Will” statements, giving updates on the progress of each. “As you look to the next 10 years and want to see and feel where ASEA is headed,” he said, “I would encourage you to pay close attention to these ASEA Will statements. We will continue to place strategic attention, resources, and focus in these areas.”

Closing his remarks, Tyler left Webvention attendees with a challenge to create personal “I Will” statements, stating that this will make ASEA untouchable.

You can access Tyler’s full presentation through 31 October 2020, as long as you’re registered for ASEA 2020 Webvention.


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