Use this post-workout recovery routine to see better fitness results

A post-workout recovery routine is just as critical to your fitness success as the workout itself. A post-workout routine helps maintain your energy levels, restore vitality, and reduce muscle soreness to help you see results like muscle gain and fat loss. When you take care of your body the right way, you’re more likely to reach your fitness goals.

Post-workout recovery routines maximize results

If you skip your post-workout routine, you risk injury or fatiguing yourself. Without the energy stores you need, sticking to an exercise plan becomes even more challenging. It’s vital to listen to your body and take breaks if you’re feeling sick, tired, or in pain after a workout. To get optimal results, you need to make sure you are revitalized and restored, which allows your body to function at maximum capacity.

Finish up with a cool down

A cool-down after your workout allows your heart rate to return to normal and helps stop blood from pooling in your extremities, making you light-headed or dizzy. A five-minute stretch or yoga session is a great way to relieve stress and prevent soreness and injury.

Hydrate right away

Hydrating before and during your workout is a good start, but did you know that post-workout hydration can be a game-changer? After breaking a sweat or finishing an intense workout, replenishing your fluids should be your first step. Fluid levels help with muscle flexibility, soreness prevention, and strength building. Drink 2-4 liters of water every day and avoid overly sugary, alcoholic, or caffeinated beverages, which can cause dehydration.

Have a healthy snack

According to the National Library of Medicine, eating a snack within 45 minutes of your workout will help replenish your energy and start a proper recovery process. Foods with carbohydrates and proteins help restore your glycogen sugar levels and aid in muscle recovery with amino acids that repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

Keep it light on your rest days

Muscles need time to recover after an intense workout. Engaging in a light active recovery workout on your off-days can help prevent lactic acid buildup which can cause muscle soreness, boost circulation, and remove toxins. Make sure to vary your workouts to target different muscle groups so that you don’t exhaust one area of your body.

Use a soothing gel for post-workout recovery

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