Veteran athlete Shawn Burke sees power output with superior supplements

Veteran athlete Shawn Burke

Whether you are a veteran high-hitter or a beginner, reaching your peak potential and power output with superior supplements at any stage starts at the cellular level. At 64 years old, ASEA triathlete Shawn Burke has been competing since he was a teenager and racing nationwide over the last 22 years of his life. He knows better than anyone that success can always be improved no matter your fitness level. See why Shawn credits ASEA products with his performance output and how these products are helping him stay strong.

Refusing to be deterred, showing power output with superior supplements 

“I train to race,” says Shawn. “I need to see that what I’m doing is paying off. I love to test my body and to see how far I can push myself. The last two years have been a challenge because most races were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic.”

Inconvenience hasn’t stopped Shawn from training. He trains six days a week, something he says he didn’t do when he was younger. His determination paid off last year. He was able to race in two competitions at the end of the racing season and set a new record for his age group. And he says the difference in his output is all thanks to ASEA products.

Performing at peak levels with ASEA

“I race triathlons,” says Shawn. “Which means I train for swimming, biking, and running. But I also focus on weight training. I cannot afford to get injured. ASEA products have kept me racing and training at a level I thought had reached its peak 68 races ago. I assumed I was done racing back then. Now I have 65 gold medals and three silvers, and I’m still racing at my age.”

New year, new goals

By no means is Shawn stopping now. He is entering another leg of his competitive career healthy and with an eye toward accomplishing his very best. As he confirms every day in training, you’re never too old to enter the next stage of your athletic career—no matter what it looks like for you. When it comes to performance, Shawn maintains that it takes dedication and superior supplements—like ASEA® VIA® products—to improve your results.

“I have five to six more races this year, and I want to end it with a career total of 70 gold medals,” he said. “For the Idaho State Triathlon Championships, I plan on walking away with a gold medal and qualifying for the Triathlon National Championships.”