Why Your ASEA Small Business Makes a Big Impact

Small business constitutes a significant force in the global economy. In the United States, there are roughly 27 million small business owners, and they generate about 50% of gross domestic income. ASEA associates across the world provide new opportunities for others, spark innovation, and offer exceptional products that change lives through their independently owned and operated ASEA businesses.*

Giving Opportunity

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, half of all U.S. adults are either self-employed or work for a business with fewer than 500 people. Small business ownership tends to offer a broader range of opportunities for personal economic growth and expansion. In contrast, employees of larger corporations, by and large, see considerably less opportunity to grow.

Running an ASEA business has low start-up costs. Monthly costs are minimal and come with access to modern full-service business-management resources:

Sales tools, success metrics, training materials, and more are available to ASEA associates in the ASEA® Virtual Office The free mobile application ASEA® Connect is yet another robust business tool in place for each associate, no matter where they are located on the globe.**

Important Innovation

Many small business owners are adept at finding new ways of doing things. They tend to curate environments that work around individual schedules and talent. Being a top performer can bring greater rewards when each person chooses their hours, is their boss, works wherever it is convenient and while on the go, and can connect from any location as they travel. Hard work can bring immediate results through supplemental income. This business model provides a way for people to be paid for their efforts directly through their hard work.

According to Forbes, those who own small businesses are 13 times more innovative in how they operate and have more significant success metrics. Creativity is fostered when there are no limits to how long or short you can work, how many contacts you can make, what benefits the opportunity will provide others, and how many folks you help start their own business.

A Greater Sense of Community

Passing along opportunities and knowledge can build up local communities and bring people together. Building your business requires you to branch out of your social circle, embrace continuously new networks of colleagues and friends with a breadth of various cultural backgrounds, expertise, and experiences. Working for a large corporation, on the other hand, often has you siloed into specific areas of talent, rarely exposing you to new and numerous ways of seeing and working in the world.

Teaching one another expert marketing and personal branding becomes a team goal. People share their talents and knowledge to help each other out in a mutually beneficial relationship. Whereas in corporate life, you compete with your teammates to move up in the company. ASEA entrepreneurs are leaders, using their voices to help others. The level of success you can experience with your own ASEA business is never capped. Success is exponential.**

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**This is not a guarantee of a particular income. Individual results will vary.