Social Media Etiquette: How to Grow Your Business AND Keep Your Friends

Social media are a way for network marketers to reach people outside of their friends and family and take their business global, but there are a set of unspoken rules that come along with this powerful marketing tool.

Continue reading to find out how to grow your business without annoying your social media friends.

Rules of Social Etiquette

1. Don’t spam your friends and loved ones – Set up a Facebook business page and invite your friends so they can subscribe to your business-related posts. If you need help setting up your business page, watch this tutorial. Avoid tagging or mentioning friends in posts and shares that don’t directly apply to them, and ask permission before adding people to business-related groups.

2. Post quality information that your audience will love – The things you post on social media should amaze, excite, inform, open minds, or uplift people. People log on to social media to feel something, so your posts should be engaging and useful. A good way to gauge the quality of your posts is to ask yourself, “If I wasn’t affiliated with ASEA would I find value in this post?”

Struggling to figure out what to post? Here are a few ideas:
• Product reviews (so long as they are compliant)
• Product tutorials
• Articles you find online that relate to health and wellness, or building a business
• Share posts from the official corporate Facebook page

3. Post Your Link Strategically – Just like face-to-face interactions with prospects, you wouldn’t walk up to someone and immediately tell them to visit your website without any introduction or explanation. Posting your website link as a comment without any sort of introduction will prove ineffective. Instead of posting your link, try sharing a personal experience with the person, and if they are interested in learning more, you can direct them to your link. Persistence is great, but sometimes persistence can look like spam when you’re plastering your information everywhere without trying to build relationships with the people you’re advertising to.

4. Keep Your Responses Positive – On occasion, you’ll encounter people on social media who don’t want anything to do with your business, and sometimes when you’re confronted with disgruntled social media users, it’s easy to lose your cool and go on a rant. However, this doesn’t look good for you or for ASEA. One simple way to handle negative comments is to thank the person for their comment and then direct them to a resource that helps clarify their frustration, or invite the person to private message you so you can work things out in more detail. Most of the time people just want to be acknowledged, so it will always work out in your favor when you take the high road.

5. Protect Your Online Presence – Social media is very public, which means it’s imperative to follow the terms and conditions of the social networks you’re using and keep things compliant. Social networks have the right to shut your page down at any time if you stray from their terms. That means all of the hard work you put into building your audience could be gone in an instant. Review the terms and conditions of the social networks you use to protect yourself from deletion. When it comes to compliance on social media, your profiles represent ASEA corporate. If you make non-compliant claims about ASEA and our products, it’s easy for customer protection authorities to find those posts and penalize the corporate office.

When used properly, social media have extensive potential to take your business to the next level! For more advice on using social media for your business, check out this free e-book.